Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Baritone Andy McQuery is an alumnus of the Manhattan School of Music and apprenticed with opera companies in Zurich, Santa Fe, and Central City. He created a role in the world premiere of Philip Glass's opera, Galileo Galilei, which he performed more than sixty times in Chicago, New York, and London. He made his European debut in Salome under Valery Gerefiev at the Zurich Opera. He currently works at Nike, and is active in the Episcopal Church, serving as the diocesan organizer for Integrity. He now sings just for fun, and was most recently seen in Portland in staged performances of Hildegard von Bingin's eleventh-century masterpiece, Ordo Virtutum.

Andy plays Jesus in Noh Garden. As I mentioned in the previous post about Mary Magdalene, the Jesus figure is the shite, in Noh the principal character. He is the one who, in the beginning, is mysterious or whose identity is not known to others. The waki and the shite are a kind of bonded pair, whose interaction in the story reveals the true nature and meaning of the shite. Since Mary meets Jesus in a garden where his tomb is located, she assumes he must be a gardener. After all, Jesus is dead. She and we learn that he is the same Jesus who was crucified but is now present in some new way. This changes Mary and the other followers of Jesus.

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