Thursday, June 23, 2011


Tonight we hold our first rehearsal for Noh Garden, following an intense pre-production meeting last night. The realization of this dream to create a dramatic work in the Noh tradition has been a long time coming. (In the links below you will find an earlier drama in the Noh style I wrote a few years ago.) A number of people are volunteering their time on this project, and I am grateful to all of them. Here is the cast and crew for the film, as of now.

Director/Camera Operator: Ken Arnold
Script: Ken Arnold
Music Director: Matthew Smith
Composer: Joan McMillen
Production Sound: Jennifer Thomas
Script Supervisor: Joyce Lew
Set Decoration: Pamela Racs

Jesus: Andy McQuery
Mary Magdalene: Erin Walker
Peter: Arne Hartman
Martha: Rebecca Kelley
Gardener: Dennis j. Parker
Chorus: Mary North, Anne Kennedy, John LaFrentz, Matthew Smith, Rebecca Kelley, Arne Hartman
Drummers: Matthew Smith and Anne Kennedy
Shakuhachi flute: Ken Arnold

The film will be shot at St. Stephen's Episcopal Parish, SW 13th and Clay, Portland, and the Elk Rock Garden at the Bishop's Close, also in Portland.

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