Friday, June 10, 2011

Dance News

John McAteer, a westerner and expert in Noh theater and dance, will be working with the cast of Noh Garden Saturday morning, June 11. Ken met him last night at a wonderful evening of Kyogen plays presented by students of Laurence Kominz, director of the Center for Japanese Studies at PSU. Kominz is also a polished performer of Japanese drama. Even though John is going back to Japan in a short while, he agreed to advise us on choreography. Originally from Boston, John McAteer came to Portland, Oregon, after thirty-five years of teaching English in Kyoto, where he published in the Hallstone Haiku Review and became deeply involved in the Japanese Noh theater. His major work was the 2005 production of Robert Frost's "The Death of the Hired Man" as a complete English Noh drama with Japanese musicians and foreign cast and chorus. John McAteer is associated with the Kongo School of Noh, one of the five schools of Noh, in Kyoto. We are all grateful for his time. We will post some video footage of the dance activities early next week.

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