Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Martha in our story is one of the disciples. Although the Bible does not officially name any women as disciples, it is clear from the context that women were among the closest followers of Jesus. Martha is named as being among them. In John's story of the resurrection, the two disciples who go to the tomb are Peter and John. I've substituted Martha for John.

Rebecca Kelley plays Martha. She got her start singing when she picked up a guitar several years ago, just before leaving Seoul, South Korea, where she had been working as a freelancer in TV, film, and voice-over. From Seoul she went to New York City, where she attended a two-year actor training program at the New Actor's Workshop. Her traveling spirit then took her to Kunming, China, where she landed a gig with a jazz band; from there she began freelancing again, getting gigs around Yunnan Province with various Chinese and foreign musicians, singing jazz standards, blues/folk music, and Chinese ballads/popular songs. Having returned to the United States, Rebecca got back to playing guitar, and has been attending open mics ever since. Recently, she moved to Portland, OR, for the location and reputation of the town. Rebecca is very excited to be filling a role in Noh Garden, the zany and unexpected nature of which suits her just fine.

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