Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Noh Video

Noh Garden is not a Noh play. It is a play (and film) that borrows Noh techniques of story telling and movement. Most Noh plays draw on Japanese mythology, frequently Buddhist stories. Noh Garden draws on a Christian story, or, if you like, a western myth. The film we are making will explore the form of Noh with western story in a contemporary medium. It should be interesting, if nothing else.

Meanwhile, here is a video clip of a traditional Noh drama, Funabenkei ("Benkei in a Boat"). There are many clips from Noh on the web; just Google "Noh Drama" and surf around. See the link on this blog, below left, to "The Noh" for extensive information on the form and plot summaries of plays, including this one.

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