Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The chorus in Noh Garden is comprised of wonderful singers who have worked hard under the direction of Matt Smith (and with the support and additional direction of the composer, Joan McMillen). It has been a pleasure to watch this score come to life in their hands. And an even greater pleasure to hear the sounds that are coming out. Some of the members of the chorus are visible in this image (right to left): John LaFrentz, Mary North, Anne Kennedy, Rebecca Kelley. They are rehearsing before last week's shoot around the piano at St. Stephen's.

Most of the members of the chorus also sing with the St. Stephen's choir, under the direction of Matt Smith. Mary North sings with the choir at St. John the Baptist in Raleigh Hills, Oregon. Rebecca also plays the role of Martha, one of the disciples who goes to the tomb to confirm that it is empty.

For those of you who have considered attending tomorrow evening's shoot, we have had to move it because of equipment problems. It is likely we will be filming Friday evening. Check with Ken Arnold at for an update if you want to watch.

Finally, for today, thanks to all of those who have contributed to Noh Garden by purchasing a DVD in advance for $50. It takes a community to make a film, and all of us are grateful for those who have stepped forward at this critical time to show your confidence in our work. If you wish to contribute, contact Ken at the email mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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