Saturday, July 9, 2011


Thursday, July 7, we shot our first scenes of Noh Garden. It was exciting to be filming after a year of composing and rewriting, planning and assembling a team. Cast and crew were fantastic, and we got some wonderful footage. Some photos from the set to come after our shoot this coming Thursday, July 14. For now, here is a photograph of the team that has been working together for the past year: Matt Smith (music director), Joan McMillen (composer), and Ken Arnold (writer/director).

The three of us have worked remarkably well together. The ease with which we communicate was clear on the set Thursday evening, when we each went about our tasks independently of one another as we set up and then meshed almost seamlessly during the shoot itself. One of the facts of life in film and theater, as most of you surely know, is collaboration. Nothing happens on its own or because of one person. It takes all three of us to make this work--and, of course, the other eleven people on the set in front of the camera and behind it. For example, Wednesday afternoon one of the actors, Rebecca Kelley, came by the church to help me, the artist (Pam Racs), and Joyce Lew (script supervisor) figure out how to hoist the backdrop to the rafter twenty feet above the stage. Rebecca climbed the VERY LONG ladder and tossed the rigging over the rafter (perfect aim!) and then figured out how to tie off the ropes. No way I was going up there. When we hoisted it for Thursday's shoot, a member of the chorus, the actor playing Jesus, and I did the heavy lifting. It's a party.

Anyone interested in dropping by to watch us film is welcome. July 14, 21, and 27 we will be at St. Stephen's Episcopal Parish, SW 13th and Clay, from 6:30 to about 9:00. If you want to come, please arrive by 6:30 so that we are not interrupted while filming. (You'll be able to leave, however, whenever you like!)

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